Greater Zion, Utah

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Put simply, Greater Zion is a destination a cut above the rest. Here, the Mojave Desert, Colorado Plateau, and the Great Basin converge to make for some of the most stunning scenery in the world.

With striking red rock cliffs, towering carved canyons, sweeping vistas, and deep cool waters, Greater Zion is a colorful adventureland brimming with over 2,400 square miles of epic outdoor pursuits.

Come immerse yourself in natural wonders and be reminded of what it’s like to be curious, carefree, and completely in awe of the world around you. Home to Zion National Park — the second most visited park in the United States — Greater Zion begs to be explored. While simultaneously immense and intimate, Greater Zion pushes the boundaries of possibility. It’s a destination where beauty meets luxury, where urban elegance complements feats of unparalleled human achievement, and wild and kaleidoscopic landscapes paint the background.

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