Best Offbeat Spots for Foodies To Explore

Best Offbeat Spots for Foodies To Explore

Do you delight in every meal? Do you savor every bite and look forward to every outing being a unique dining experience? If so, you may be a foodie! We know that foodies love to travel. We also know that foodies love to experience new and unique dining destinations. Here, we discuss the best offbeat spots for foodies to explore!

Chicago Southland, Illinois

Chicago Southland, Illinois
Chicago Southland, Illinois

Just beyond the city limits of Chicago is the Chicago Southland. The Chicago Southland is home to hundreds of festivals, 40,000 acres of forestry, and historic downtown shopping districts.

The Chicago Southland is also home to thousands of restaurants, with something for every palate. With so many dining options to choose from it would be impossible to savor every flavor during just one trip. That is why the Chicago Southland has a number of programs to help foodies discover the amazing flavors of the area!

Savor the Southland

Savor the Southland encourages foodies to sample the melting pot of flavors available in the Chicago Southland. It features countless dining options to try including: Asian fusion, Italian and Mexican fare, Southern-style BBQ, delectable desserts, craft brews and cocktails, and deep dish pizza.

Pizza Pass

The Chicago Southland is the premier place for foodies passionate about pizza! Whether you are seeking out flavorful deep-dish or tavern-style pizza, the Chicago Southland pizzerias can deliver! Try out all that the Chicago Southland has to offer by participating in the Pizza Pass.

Hot Diggity Dog Pass

Foodies know that the best flavors can be found anywhere, even on the street! The Hot Diggity Dog Pass encourages visitors to visit the many hot dog stands throughout the Chicago Southland! While it’s not required, it is worth it to experiment with toppings. Of course the first choice should be an authentic Chicago-style dog which features an all-beef frank, onions, tomatoes, dill pickle spear, celery salt, mustard, neon relish, and sport peppers on a poppy seed bun.

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Oneida County, New York

Oneida County, New York

If you are looking for a fun, foodie getaway then look no further than Oneida County, New York—Central New York’s Getaway Region. Oneida County boasts historic sites, opportunities for outdoor adventures, and culinary delights.

Foodies can taste and explore all that Oneida County has to offer during the summer months! First and foremost foodies should indulge in the Italian cuisine that many Oneida County restaurants offer! For more than a century, Oneida County has been called the “Little Italy of the North.”

Oneida County is also known for its abundance of agritourism. There are bustling local farmer’s markets, unique u-pick farms, and local farm-to-table dining options.

Oneida County is even part of the renowned Central New York Cheese Trail! The area has a rich cheesemaking heritage that can be savored over many trips or enjoyed during a special weekend. Participating producers include those listed below:

  • Stoltzfus Dairy
  • Original Herkimer Cheese
  • Kriemhild Dairy Farms
  • Jones Family Farm
  • Jewett’s Cheese House
  • Cooperstown Cheese Company
  • Collins Farm and Creamery
  • Callee1945 Cheese Shop
  • Artisanal Cheese
  • Adirondack Cheese

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Tri-Cities, Washington

Tri-Cities, Washington

Nestled in the confluence of the Yakima, Snake, and Columbia Rivers is the vibrant metropolitan area of the Tri-Cities, Washington. With rolling hillsides and blue, sunny skies, the Tri-Cities is a welcoming destination during the summer months.

The area is called the “Heart of Washington’s Wine Country” and rightfully so as it is known for its fertile vineyards and grape to glass experiences. Visitors from across the globe come to sample its many world-class wineries.

Wine enthusiasts who are also foodies may be delighted to know that the Tri-Cities is also a great place to tantalize the palate. Perhaps the best way to get a true taste of the area is by visiting one of the weekly farmer’s markets in Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. It is a terrific way to sample and shop directly from the area’s talented farmers and artisans.

If you are into adventure then you can take your food travels a step further and visit one of the local farms that offers the opportunity to pick your own summer produce. There are countless tasty options including cherries, blueberries, and apricots as well as assorted vegetables. Some local farms even offer activities for children, making it fun for the whole family!

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Madison County, New York

Madison County, New York

Madison County is one of New York’s many hidden gems. Located in Upstate New York, Madison County is a peaceful respite for travelers. It is known for its tranquil lakes and rolling hills.

Madison County is also known for its beauty during all four seasons of the year. Summer is a great time for foodies to visit Madison County. Especially this summer with its all new ice cream trail! Foodies can feast on every type of cone loaded with ice cream or enjoy a sundae, milkshake, ice cream sandwich, or float. Madison County’s Ice Cream Trail features the following 11 sweet stops:

  • Cobblestone Trading Co.
  • Maxwells Chocolates & Ice Cream
  • Zems Ice Cream
  • Peterboro General Store & Deli
  • Drift-in
  • Carter’s Creamery
  • Cone Masters
  • Annie’s Sweets and Treats
  • Twist II
  • Nelson Creamery
  • Jake’s Greenhouse and Ice Cream

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Saint Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul is Minnesota’s capital city. It celebrates diversity with more than 100 languages spoken in the city and an array of interesting attractions, including the iconic Padelford Riverboats.

Saint Paul’s heritage and people are what make it a great place for foodies to explore! Saint Paul celebrates its reputation for offering an off-the-beaten path Twin Cities food experience.

Saint Paul Food Tours are one of the best ways to explore historic neighborhoods while also enjoying the area’s fantastic and diverse flavors! We encourage visitors to return often and try out different food tours for a truly unique experience. Some of the featured food tours of the area include the following:

  • Minneapolis Skyway
  • St Paul Skyway
  • Slice of Minneapolis
  • Minneapolis Riverwalk
  • Heart of Minneapolis
  • Heart of St Paul
  • “Nordeast” River District
  • Minneapolis Eat & Sip
  • Chocolate Tours

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Adirondack Coast, New York

Adirondack Coast, New York

Summer in the Adirondacks means it is time to hit the trails! The area boasts more than 2,000 miles of scenic trails that include lush forested paths, cascading waterfalls, and summits with breathtaking views.

Of course, if you are a foodie you may be more interested in exploring the Adirondacks’ six new cuisine trails! The trails are a fun and tasty way to experience all the flavors of the area, spanning from Canada’s border to down past Fort Ticonderoga.

Safety is of the utmost importance when going out on the trail. That is why it is important to take a “taste buddy” and get a trail map of the area. Of course, the Adirondack Cuisine Trail Maps highlight local farms, orchards, distilleries, creameries, bakeries, and more.

Your summer foodie adventures await you on the following Adirondack Cuisine Trails:

  • North Country Trail
  • Adirondack Lakes Trail
  • Boquet Valley Trail
  • Champlain Valley Trail
  • Champ’s Trail
  • Ausable Valley Trail

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Your Culinary Adventure Awaits!

Your Culinary Adventure Awaits!

Food is one of the best parts about traveling! Every place you visit has unique and special flavors and experiences. Summer is a great time to discover new and tasty offbeat spots. Start planning your epic foodie adventures by requesting your free print and downloadable travel guides today!

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