National Plan a Vacation Day

Dear Traveler,

Did you know today is National Plan a Vacation Day? That’s right, coordinated and promoted by the U.S Travel Association to encourage Americans to start planning their vacation for the entire year now, at the beginning of the year. And, take advantage of the many benefits.

There is nothing like traveling. Travel expands our horizons when we visit somewhere new, try new food, meet new people, and learn about new cultures and new activities. And most of all, as we embrace new experiences, we create memories of a lifetime. It can give us an opportunity to improve our mental and physical health, by taking a break, disconnecting, and recharging.

We all need a change of scenery, something new and fresh, and invigorating. Whether we desire a physical and/or mental activity and adventure, or just time to relax and unwind, there is no better time than now to plan your travel. Among the many benefits include:

  • Planning is key to taking time off and traveling
  • Secure the days off you prefer, and a commitment to go
  • More options available to go where and when you want, at the best rates possible
  • Happiness. Putting plans on the calendar gives you something positive to look forward to

Check out a few of the many new and updated guides available for 2023 below and more on our site to help with planning your next trip. Happy Travels.

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