Visit Montgomery County, NY

Montgomery County is proud of its place in history and has preserved abundant collections of cultural and natural artifacts and historic sites. Explore it’s timeline of history from Native American dominance through the French & Indian and Revolutionary Wars to the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the Erie Canal.

No matter where you go in Montgomery County, the river is always there, the backdrop of all activities in the Mohawk Valley, the touchstone to which we always return. When you visit, put the future in perspective by thinking about the past, about the history of this region so rich in people, ideas and dreams. The past, after all, has made our present what it is, with its rich heritage of cultures, its broad commercial and industrial base, our extraordinary architectural legacy and our deep attachment to the land. In the early 19th century, even when leisure travel was a luxury, the Mohawk Valley was a favorite destination. And so it is today.

Mohawk. British. Dutch. German. Hispanic. Irish. Italian. Polish. African. Puerto Rican. Pacific Islander. The people of Montgomery County are as varied as its landscape; its cultures have merged into an intricate quilt where there is unity, but also individualism and authenticity. Come see it, hear it, taste it, feel it, and experience Montgomery County.