Relive Your Favorite Movie Scenes Through a Roadtrip

Traveling means so much more when the destination has special meaning for the traveler. If you love movies then you should plan a road trip dedicated to reliving your favorite movie scenes. Keep reading for our top road trip destinations for reliving iconic movie moments!

New Jersey

New Jersey

A road trip through New Jersey provides multiple opportunities to relive your favorite movie scenes. Perhaps the most iconic New Jersey movie filmed in New Jersey is Garden State. Most of the film was shot in South Orange, New Jersey. However, fans can venture to other locations across New Jersey to relive memorable scenes by including the following destinations in their road trip: Cranford, Livingston, Maplewood, Newark, Tenafly and Wallington.

During your New Jersey road trip keep your eyes peeled for other notable locations from a number of memorable movies. Scenes from Joker in the fictional Gotham City were filmed in several New Jersey cities including Newark and Jersey City. If you are into horror movies, then your road trip should include northwest New Jersey where much of the classic horror film Friday the 13th was filmed. Fans can eat at the diner featured in the movie and tour the camp where much of the filming took place. If you are a biographical fan then you may recognize settings from A Beautiful Mind during your New Jersey road trip.

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Olympic Peninsula

Olympic Peninsula

Have you read all of the Twilight books and seen the movies? Then it is time to take a Twilight inspired road trip through Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, home of The Twilight Saga! Whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob, there are at least three stops that you need to include on your road trip.


Forks is a real town where the Twilight world unfolds. It is located on the northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula. The Forks Visitor Information Center welcomes fans with a free Twilight packet which includes a map to important sites. Movie fans can also see the largest collection of costumes and props from the movies when they stop by the Rainforest Arts Center.

La Push

If you are on Team Jacob, then La Push is the stop for you! Home to the Quileute tribe, La Push is known for its beach, surfing, and whale watching. This area is worth exploring with a number of forested trails. Stay alert for werewolves and shapeshifters!

Hoh Rain Forest

The Hoh Rain Forest is one of the most popular destinations on the Olympic Peninsula. The beauty of the movies comes alive with the abundant wildlife, rushing rivers, and miles of trails. A popular loop to hike is the Hall of Mosses Trail.

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National Parks

National Parks

If you are feeling romantic then it is time to get out your National Park Pass! Last year, Hallmark released its National Park Romance franchise. It included the following national park focused films set in some of the most beautiful locations in the United States.

Greater Zion, Utah

The first stop on your national park romance road trip is Greater Zion, Utah where Love in Zion National is set. National Park Romance fans will recognize the striking red rock cliffs and impressive carved canyons from the film. You may even fall in love…with the beauty of Zion National Park!

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Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

The Smoky Mountains are the next stop on your national park romance road trip where Love in the Great Smoky Mountains was filmed. Take some time to explore the area and see how many locations you can recognize from the film. Many of the memorable scenes were filmed in notable locations including Cades Cove, Fall Creek Falls State Park, downtown Townsend, and, of course, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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Montana & Oregon

Montana & Oregon

Fans of The Shining, a 1977 horror novel by Stephen King, can make a road trip out of the Stanley Kubrick film adaptation. The Shining was filmed in a number of locations. Some of its most notable scenes were shot in the following destinations.

Montana’s Glacier Country

The first stop on your The Shining inspired road trip should be Montana’s Glacier Country where the opening scene for the film was shot. Any trip to Montana’s Glacier Country should include a drive along Going-to-the-Sun Road, a 50-mile-long route that winds through the heart of Glacier National Park. It is the same road that the yellow Volkswagen Beetle can be seen driving along in the opening scene.

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Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory

Once you have soaked up the beauty of Glacier National Park, it is time to continue your The Shining inspired road trip to Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory. Located 6,000 feet up the side of Mt. Hood is the Timberline Lodge. Fans of the film will recognize its elegant pitch-roofed facade as the very same of the Overlook Hotel in the film. You can even stay in the hotel!

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Saint Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul is Minnesota’s capital city and home to countless famous movie landmarks. Some of the top movie spots to include on your movie inspired road trip are discussed below.

Mickey’s Diner

Grab a seat at Mickey’s Diner in downtown Saint Paul. Open 24 hours a day, this historic diner will bring back memories for fans of The Mighty Ducks, Jingle All the Way, and A Prairie Home Companion.

Mall of America

If you love shopping as much as you love movies then you will love the Mall of America! Located just 10 miles from Saint Paul, the Mall of America is the largest retail complex in the U.S. It is also the setting for notable scenes from The Mighty Ducks franchise and Jingle All the Way.

Half Time Rec

Fans of Grumpy Old Men will want to stop for a drink at Half Time Rec. This lively sports bar was the location for one of the most pivotal scenes in the film. This bar is still open and is the perfect spot to discuss who was the bigger moron or putz over a cold drink and tasty pub food.

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Alaska is spectacular! It is bursting with an energy and beauty that has been captured in countless films. Some of the most iconic locations worth visiting are included below.


If you have watched Into the Wild then you have undoubtedly been impressed and humbled by the Alaskan wilderness. The movie was actually filmed in Alaska. In earlier years, fans of the film could visit the iconic Magic Bus by hiking in Denali National Park. However, fans no longer need to venture into the park for a taste of the movie. Instead, you can view the Magic Bus at the University of Alaska Museum of the North on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus. To see where much of the movie was filmed, take a road trip south of Fairbanks to Cantwell.

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The film Big Miracle chronicling efforts to rescue gray whales was filmed in Anchorage, Barrow, and Seward. You can relive movie scenes with a stroll through Anchorage while imagining it with its 1980s scenery. You can also venture to the Alaska Sea Life Center. The public aquarium is located on the shores of Resurrection Bay in Seward.

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Now is the Perfect Time to Relive Your Favorite Movie Scenes Through a Road Trip!

Now is the Perfect Time to Relive Your Favorite Movie Scenes Through a Road Trip!

What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to take your movie-inspired road trip! From mesmerizing wilderness to iconic landmarks—there’s no better way to relive your favorite movie scenes than a road trip.

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